A Greener Alternative to Traditional Pest Control

Blades of Green/B.O.G. Pest control is proud to announce our new division, True Organic Pest Control!

After years of testing we have developed a new line of sustainable pest control services called, True Organic Pest Control. We take a proactive approach to pest control in Maryland by blending a combination of integrated pest management techniques and the latest low impact products to keep pests out of your home. Protect your home and family, and get the same great reliable service that helped us earn the Angie’s List Super Service Award and backing by the BBB. Isn’t it time to take your home back?

True Organic Pest Control in Maryland

At True Organic Pest Control, we begin with an initial consultation to gather information about your property to determine how we’ll tailor our care to your specific needs. Our expert technicians then use a blend of integrated pest management techniques to ensure your home stays pest-free. The True Organic pest control program in Montgomery County works two-fold: eliminating current pest control problems and preventing future infestations. We focus on the interior and exterior of your home as we treat pests common to the Maryland area.

A Reliable Team of Experts

Our trained technicians use their knowledge of pests’ habits and life cycles to help prevent pest problems by:

  • Identifying entry points, food/water sources, potential pest pathways like overhanging tree branches and make recommendations to correct them all
  • Monitor pest activity through glue boards and other devices
    Treat as necessary with a low impact, reduce risk or organic product
  • Visit your home as many times as needed throughout the year, depending on the pest problems you are having, to inspect and treat as necessary

Ready to learn more about our organic pest control treatment programs?